Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained bike offers you many advantages: better handling, more autonomy, a faster ride for the same effort, comfort on longer rides, increased safety and confidence in your Velec.
Before every ride

Check your tire pressure. Recommended pressure to inflate your tires is indicated on the side of the tire. Prefer maximum pressure. This will give you more distance and autonomy with your battery and decrease the chances of flat tires or punctures. 

Make sure the chain is clean and well lubricated. The products necessary for the maintenance of the chain are sold by your Velec dealer. Refer to them to tell you how to properly maintain the chain. 

Check that the brakes work properly before each ride. That all components (handlebars, wheels, etc.) are properly tightened, and that there are no damaged parts. 


After the first 200kms

Return to your local Velec retailer to get your brakes and gears checked. Brand new bike parts will loosen a little during the first miles and it is completely normal. Even if these are small adjustments, it is recommended to contact them before moving to make an appointment.


Every year - Beginning of the season

Schedule an appointment to your local Velec dealer for an annual maintenance check of mechanical and general condition of the bike, adjust the gears and check the wear of components such as the chain, brake pads, tires etc


Every year - End of the season

After the last ride of the season, take the time to wash your bike to remove any buildup of mud or dirt. Generously lubricate the chain. Remove your battery for easy storage, and follow the Owner's Guide instructions for charging and storing the Velec for an extended period of time.