A2 Family Assembly



A versatile and easy to get on-and-off e-bike. The Velec A2 is equipped with one of industry's quietest and most powerful motor to let you ride comfortably and with confidence. Several battery choices are available to you depending on the desired autonomy.

Optimal For Riders: 5'4" to  5'10"

Several choices of batteries are available depending on the desired autonomy, up to 75 miles range in pedal assistance mode. The Velec A2 has 5 levels of electric assistance, cruise control and a handlebar accelerator for easier starting. It can also be used as a traditional bike (without assistance.) Standard equipment includes front and rear mudguards, front and rear LED headlights, rear rack, adjustable stem, fork with suspension, a digital console, tires with anti-puncture strips and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with motor cut-out. Offered in red or titanium.

Once manuals have been reviewed, the video below is a step-by-step guide on how to properly assemble your A2 or A2S e-bike. Happy riding!

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